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Auckland Public Library

Auckland Public LibraryAuckland Public Library

I'm going to start by saying that I do realise that including a section for a library in my art galleries section is odd, but the central city library - the one just off Queen Street - has a small room dedicated to displays showing parts of its Sir George Grey collections. These displays are usually part museum exhibit and part art show. They can be found on the top floor of the public area of the library, in the room directly before you reach the section that deals the Sir George Grey collection and these exhibits have been free to go and see, if on the small side due to the single, small room they have available for them.

They are well worth going seeing, especially if you're in the city for the other reasons and the library is very, very close to the Auckland Art Gallery. This means it's very easy to spend an extra thirty minutes to an hour to stop off at the library before going on to the Art Gallery.

Old & New

Auckland Public Library - Old & New This is a collection of new additions to the Sir George Grey collection and as a result is a random assortment of items heavy on photographs. I found the zines to be the most interesting part of this collection, but as a whole this collection isn't nearly as interesting as some of their earlier ones have been.

house & home: Domestic Life in New Zealand

Auckland Public Library - house & home: Domestic Life in New Zealand This is a wide collection of items from books, to sewing patterns, to adverts, to manuals for white ware, to pictures. It shows New Zealand life from the late 19th century to the 1970s.

Shakespeare in his time

Auckland Public Library - Shakespeare in his time This is about the works relating to Shakespeare held by the library, including the only copy of the First Folio in New Zealand.


Auckland Public Library - ABC This is a display of books with letter based decorations; most of them are medieval manuscripts (including books from the 1400s) or based upon the way that medieval manuscripts were decorated. There are also some modern books made by artists or made in the "Arts and Crafts" style.


Auckland Public Library - Putahitanga This exhibit is about the first European settlers in New Zealand. It includes things like letters and dairies written by the settlers themselves.

The big OE

Auckland Public Library - The big OE This exhibit includes guide books and published books about travelling/holidays as well as people's personal photos, dairies and scrapbooks from their overseas trips.

For the love of books

Auckland Public Library - For the love of books This is a collection of new books from the Sir George Grey special collection that are either made by artists or are specially made limited edition books, rather than the standard mass produced books that are common today.

World War 1914-1918

Auckland Public Library - World War 1914-1918 This is a collection of items from, or relating to, New Zealand's role in the First World War.

The Romantics

Auckland Public Library - The Romantics This is an exhit of poerty and books from the Romantic period.

Old Favourites

Auckland Public Library - Old Favourites This is an exhibt of children's books.


Auckland Public Library - Manatunga This exhibt shows some of the early Maori related material in the libraries collection.

Flowers, Fruit and Foliage

Auckland Public Library - Flowers, Fruit and Foliage This exhibit show cases the libraries collection of botanic books and the pictures found in them.

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