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2nd February 2013

By: Stephen King

This is NOT one of Stephen King's standard horror stories – it's a love story set in motion by a science fiction based time travel premise. I really, really enjoyed it and managed to read it very quickly despite its length, (about a thousand pages I think – I should go check I know :) ). But one of the things I have always loved Stephen King's books is the fact that they are usually easy to read and his long books don't "feel" long, in that they don't tend to drag or growing boring/tedious after a while.

The fact that the book has long periods with much or any real 'action or adventure', just concentrating on the main character adapting to living about 50 years in his past, the people he meets there and the friendships he ends up making while he waits to try and stop Kennedy's assignation on 11/22/63. (One of the main plot points is that the 'hole' in time always leads to the same place on exactly the same time and day no matter how many times a person uses it, which is about 5 years before Kennedy was assassinated, forcing the main character to wait the time out).

In some ways I think this is one of his better books and certainly it has broader appeal than a lot of his more 'standard' horror books. Though I am biased, as I am a massive Stephen King fan to begin with :)

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