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25th August 2015

By: Laurell K. Hamilton

This book is a lot closer to her earlier books in this series, in that it was mostly about the case/mystery that needed to be solved rather than just about Anita Blake's personal and love lives which I was pleased about. There were the now standard sex scenes, but not too many and the story line didn't lose anything by my skipping these parts completely.

I do think her Anita Blake series has gone downhill, to the point that I sometime wonder why I keep on reading, due to the way that Laurell K. Hamilton has been increasingly concentrating on her characters personal and sex lives rather than mostly focusing on the cases like she did in her early books. The problem is that I'm not interested in reading out right porn masquerading as a standard novel, especially as I'm a lot more interested in the cases. I am hoping that this books shows that heading back into the direct I prefer.

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