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Anno Dracula: Dracula Cha Cha Cha


10th October 2014

"Anno Dracula: Dracula Cha Cha Cha"
By: Kim Newman

This is the third book in his Anno Dracula series of books and the bulk of the book is set in Rome in 1959, with a novella - in the same series - at the end set in London in 1968. Both are very good and I really like the way that he has been publishing novellas with his longer novels, as they provide an extra look into his Dracula universe. (In Anno Dracula: The Bloody Red Baron, the bulk of the book is set during World War 1 and the novella is set in the 1920s).

It would have been nice if there had been a book or novella about the Second World War, as it does seem as if he's skipped it especially given that one of the main characters in this book mentions what she did during World War 2. Meaning it almost feels as if I've skipped or missed the book about that war :(

I do think people would benefit massively from reading the first book in the series - Anno Dracula - before reading this one, while the novella is mostly independent of the other books the main story is strongly based upon Anno Dracula with the idea that the vampires who were turned in the 1880s were leaving behind the last of their "warm lives" in this book before moving into the modern era. It is a very good and enjoyable book and I do highly recommend the series as a whole :)

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