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Johnny Alucard (Anno Dracula)


12th December 2014

"Johnny Alucard (Anno Dracula)"
By: Kim Newman

This is the fourth book in Kim Newman's Anno Dracula. It is up to his usual writing standard and is very good. It does suffer, in the first third of the book in particular, of being a completion of novellas and short stories surrounding characters from the previous books and a new character that ends up calling himself Johnny Alucard. At the start it skips around massively and it isn't clear why a short story that is added right after the first novella and the actual plot lines/over all story lines don't settle down until the middle of the book making it a bit of an odd read unfortunately.

He does admit that the book is made up of novellas and short stories that have already been published in other places, the fact that this is obvious means that this book doesn't work as well as it would if he'd written it solely as a single book : (

It is a very good book, especially once you've gotten far enough into to have a good handle on what's happening and why the early bits that had originally looked like they didn't have anything to do with the main plot line actually do fit in with the main story. Despite being well written and enjoyable, I wouldn't recommend this novel to people who haven't read the first books in the series yet though.

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