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A Particular Eye for Villainy


7th June 2016

"A Particular Eye for Villainy"
By: Ann Granger

I did enjoy this book and it’s great if you want a historical crime novel that’s short, light and easy to read. It is well written and well edited; there just isn’t much to the book plot wise or length wise. Certainly working out “who did it” doesn’t take any thought which is a pity as I do think that Ann Granger is a good writer and I’d actually like to see books written by her that have more depth.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this book is part of an ongoing series, meaning that a lot of the history of the main and recurring characters is very lightly touched on. I do think this series when I need something good to read but don’t I don’t want anything I have to really think about.

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