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17 March 2013

By: James Herbert

I did enjoy this book a lot, though it does seem lacking as there's enough material in the story line for the book to be a lot longer than the current 693 pages. It does feel as the author did decide to drop a lot of information or action he could have added, to keep the book from spiralling out of control. The odd thing is given it's length is the fact that it does come across as almost rushed and skipping through the action in order to get the story told as quickly as possible.

That said it is a good book and easy to read, I was able to read it quite quickly. Though it does suffer rather badly from my point of view of giving the feeling that James Herbert did have to skip through a lot of things he wanted to put in order to keep the page count down, in fact I think the story would have worked better and seem less rushed in places if he had written another 200-400 pages as the story line and his writing style in this case does have more of a feel a 1000+ page book.

I think this is the first time I've really felt that a books needs to be a lot longer and am a bit upset that it isn't because I feel as if it takes something away from the story. Mainly as I think he could have written more about the ghost hunt the main character is hired to do and could have followed the inmates more than he did. Basically there are parts that come across as needing more scenes or information, despite the length the book already is.

That said, "Ash" is really well written and is a interesting read.

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