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Bad Dreams


14th April 2015

"Bad Dreams"
By: Kim Newman

I read the 2014 re-print of some of Kim Newman's earlier books, in this case this book includes book the book called "Bad Dreams from the title and another novella called "Bloody Students after that. While I did enjoy both a lot, I think I enjoyed "Bad Dreams more than "Bloody Students as it was had a more unique plot line. I also felt that "Bloody Students started weakly as it was just a standard animal rights group breaks into a Universities' animal research centre, freeing both the animals being tested upon and an incredibly nasty virus.

While I did find "Bloody Students a lot more enjoyable once it had gotten started it also suffered by not being able to suspend my disbelief over what the virus was capable of doing to its' hosts and by itself. It went from being a very standard plot line to being far too over the top for my liking. I did enjoy it despite this, but was pleased it was an added extra to "Bad Dreams.

"Bad Dreams was a usual vampire crossed with "Nightmare On Elm Street type story where the main bad guy uses dreams to scare and feed off his victims. While it might seem a touch old hat plot wise now, it is really well written and doesn't come across as being like the movies at all.