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Deeply Odd


11th May 2014

"Deeply Odd"
By: Dean Koontz

I'm going to start off by saying that I used to be a big fan of Dean Koontz's books, which is the main reason why I still bother to read any of his new books (and adamantly I like the basic premise of the Odd Thomas books in general). Unfortunately, I do think his writing and books have gone downhill massively in the past 10 or so years to the point that they're really not that enjoyable and he has a tendency to bash his readers over the head with Christianity which is very off putting : (

Though the Odd Thomas book set in a monastery did the religion aspect well and it didn't feel as if it was being forced unlike some of his later books. While it is well written and easy to read, Deeply Odd is too light on the ground plot and I defiantly felt as if it was far too easy for the main character to overcome a group of devil worshippers who had gotten magical powers from the demons they worshiped. One of the important plot points about an elderly lady who decides to help Odd is just too deus ex machine and makes the resolution too easy and covenant.

It doesn't help that the book itself is very light on the ground, in that there is a lot of white space between lines on the pages. Making the 330 pages too fast a read and skipping through the action too quickly and easily. It should have been a lot darker story line, a lot harder for the main character and as a result a much interesting read that would have been a lot closer to Dean Koontz's earlier books than it ended up being...