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Dexter is Delicious: The Devil is in the Detail


16th May 2015

"Dexter is Delicious: The Devil is in the Detail"
By: Jeff Lindsay

I did enjoy this book a lot he seems to be pretty much ignoring the third book he wrote in the Dexter series! The third book had put me off this series and I'd just watched the TV series and only went back to the back after the show version had finished.

It's actually interesting, in a good way, to see how the books and the TV series are different plot and character development wise. I'm also hoping that Jeff Lindsay has paid attention to the things people hated about the last 2 seasons in particular of the TV show and not go down that road with the books!

I think the later Dexter books do show that we can ignore the third book as being a blip I the series and be ignored (I hope!).