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Dexter's Final Cut


12th December 2014

"Dexter's Final Cut"
By: Jeff Lindsay

This is the seventh book in the Dexter series. I had read the first 3 books in the series before watching the entire Dexter TV show and I havenít read the 3 books in between the first 3 ones and this one Ė the only obvious thing Iíve missed is the fact that Deb had a son in the books. I canít remember off hand if Dexterís daughter in the book was born by the third book, but I already knew about her so wasnít surprised.

Before anyone reads this book it does need a warning that it has a cliff hanger ending in the style of the TV series and I can easily picture people being very upset by this in a book. I wasnít too upset by it, a little annoyed admittedly, but not upset as I think Iíve gotten slightly too used to the cliff hangers in the TV series...

It is an easy read and it doesnít have any of the strange stuff that showed up in the 3rd book, which is a massive positive. That said I do wish that Iíd started with the 4th book in the series instead and left this book until the 8th book was also out so I would be able to find out what happened next straight away.