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Doctor Sleep


19th July 2014

"Doctor Sleep"
By: Stephen King

"Doctor Sleep" is the sequel to "The Shining" and follows Danny from a young alcoholic adult to an older, (middle aged?), adult who helps a little girl with the same abilities he had as a child. They are radically different books despite this, but I did really enjoy "Doctor Sleep". It is a very easy read and the fact that the main plot line doesn't really start until half way through the book – a large part of the book covers Danny's struggles with alcoholism, how he finally settles into his new life & job, and more briefly covers the little girl growing until she hits 12.

I do have minor quibbles in that they find it too easy to kill the bad guys in this, especially given the prolonged build up. It feels as if it should have been a lot harder for Danny et al to actually win, and at greater cost. The result of the book is really good, but the ending is too weak. For example in "The Shing" not all of the good guys survived, and as shown with Danny in this book, both Danny & his mother were damaged to various degrees by the events in "The Shining", where here all of the good guys win – too easily – and they all live...