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23rd January 2015

By: Dean Koontz

I got this book without looking at it much first - I saw an older Dean Koontz book I hadn't read yet and just grabbed it! It's a strict Action book with no horror/supernatural aspects in it, despite having a crazy serial killer. Oddly enough the serial killer plot comes across as being very minor until the very end and even then the killer is dealt with surprisingly quickly.

I'm not sure from reading this book shows that I don't like Action books in general or that I don't like Action books by Dean Koontz in particular. It started off well and was interesting, but I felt that it fell into the whole the main characters put into mortal danger only to have a solution magically appear to save them. A lot of the basic plot felt very "OK then..." which made the book a lot less enjoyable for me.

It was well written and very easy to read, it just felt as if the plot was too weak.