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Marvel Zombies: Destroy!


15th March 2013
"Marvel Zombies: Destroy!"

By: Frank Marraffino & Peter David; Mirco Pierfederici; Al Barrionuevo

This is the latest instalment in the "Marvel Zombies" series and it is rather good. While it isn't quite as good as the Deadpool outing in the Zombie 'Verse, (which any non-Deadpool book in this series would be hard pressed to do, especially given that the Deadpool story was 18 individual comics long rather than the standard 5 comics per overall story for the rest of the "Marvel Zombies" series).

This is one of the stories that has nothing to do with the original 3 stories in this series and continues to follow A.R.M.O.R. superheroes based in a different Universe where they technology to easily travel between different Universes and have put themselves in a policing type role of the multi-verse. I am pleased about this change due to the fact that there were a very limited number of stories they could do with the original zombie universe and it got old fast. So changing the focus has pretty much made the series a lot more interesting.

This story is set in a Universe where the Nazis won WWII by finding a way to turn their soldiers into zombies and have completely taken over their world and are trying to find ways into other Universes in order to be able to find more food. So A.R.M.O.R. sends in a team of their superheroes, including a man who had fought in WWII with Captain America...