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Rumploe and the Penge Bungalow Murders


14th August 2016

"Rumploe and the Penge Bungalow Murders"
By: John Mortimer

Iím going to start off by saying that I havenít read any of the other Rumpole books and I havenít seen the TV series either, the only reason I bought this book was because the second hand book seller has a deal were you can buy three books for $10 rather than for $5 each. There were two books I really wanted and this looked like the best of the rest as the extra third book for free.

I actually really enjoyed it and found it very easy to read. I have read a bit about the book after finishing reading and am actually very pleased that I went into this book without knowing anything about the series or Rumpoleís history as this meant that the case talked about in the book was completely meaningless to me and that this was just another book.

I do highly recommend this book and I am planning on reading some more of his Rumpole books!