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Saint Odd


7th August 2016

"Saint Odd"
By: Dean Koontz

I only got this book because I’d been reading the Odd series for years and wanted to finish it, due to his decreasing quality in books over the last 10 or so years I really wasn’t expecting much from this book. “Saint Odd” was actually a massive improvement in his writing quality and I was very pleased that I got and read it!

Given that is his last Odd book I was incredibly pleased that this book was so much better than I was expecting, though for different reasons I was unhappy that he decided to kill Odd off at the end of the book. It was also a short easy read and I was able to read this book in about half the time I usually read a full length novel.

I just hope that Dean Koontz has decided to go back to his previous quality in his writing and plotting and this book is a return to his previous levels.