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Summer of Night


6th September 2013

"Summer of Night"
By: Dan Simmons

This is a really well done horror story that follows a group of boys over part of their summer holiday in 1960. It is very well written and very easy to read; if you like horror stories in any shape or form I would strongly recommend you read this book, assuming you haven"t already :)

One odd thing about the book is the way that it takes a long time for anything to happen, certainly a large percentage of the book involves minor odd things happening that are really only noticed by the children - with a few exceptions of the adults outside of those directly responsible for the supernatural events, the adults in the book are blissfully unaware of what is happening and even at the end of the book the adults still blame everything that happened solely on criminal activity of a few individuals. But despite the lack of action in a lot of the book, it doesn’t feel like it and the story doesn't drag at all.