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The Dark


7th November 2014

"The Dark"
By: James Herbert

I actually enjoyed this book more than I have some of his other books, despite it having some problems. Most of the book was really well done and the premise was particularly well done with the slow build up showing how things were slowly getting worse first for the people of a single street in London and then at the end for everyone in London.

My biggest problem is the ending, which comes across as rushed and very hurried. There's a lot of relatively slow build up but then the whole thing is mostly wrapped in 3 pages and then a 2 page epilogue. The second problem I had is very minor and very easily overlooked, and is really only noticeable to me because I've read so many of his books in the last 18 months or so that the pattern in them has become a bit irritating. He seems write every book about a paranormal investigator, who is determined to look into events scientifically. It wouldn't be so bad if he only wrote about the same man in all of his books, but The Dark introduced what was essentially the third variation on exactly the same theme character-wise - essentially three characters who are only different because they have different names and slightly different histories.