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"The Dark Half"


7th April 2013

"The Dark Half"
By Stephen King

This was a short novel for Stephen King at only 460 pages. I do think he could have made loner if he had wanted to, but I don't think the plot line would have withstood being made to cover what I now consider to his standard 800-1000 page novels. While everything in "The Dark Half" did happen quickly, there wasn't any sense that he was rushing through the main plot - it just felt as if he completely left out any padding, including a complete lack of any secondary plots.

I did enjoy "The Dark Half", but wasn't quite dragged into the story in the same way I have been with other books written by Stephen King. The only complainant I have about the plot was that it was very simplistic, the three main 'good' characters had zero problems dealing with the sole evil character despite the fact that he had managed to easily kill a number of cops, including at least 2 who knew well in advance that there was a mass-murdering psycho out who had already happily killed at least 2 other cops before getting to them, and 5 other people in a short space of time.

Mentally, I think I've stuck "The Dark Half" just above my category of novels by King that have a interesting premise that don't quite work as well as they could or should, ("From A Buck 8" is my prime example of this category), as I do think that "The Dark Half" manages to work surprisingly well in the end despite everything. Truthfully, I do think it works better and is more enjoyable than it should be in some ways.