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The Fifth Heart


13th October 2015

"The Fifth Heart"
By: Dan Simmons

I really enjoyed this book. There were a few minor niggles which did annoy me, which were there been very short sections were the "person" writing the book directly addresses the reader which I didn't like at all as they dragged me out of the book . There was also a growing idea among the two main characters that they either weren't real or that were just characters in a novel being forced into doing what the writer wants them to do rather than what they'd "naturally" do, which I thought was odd and dragged me out of the story.

But those two complainants make up a comparatively minor part of the novel - the part were one of the characters thought he was just a character in someone else's book did grow worse nearer the end of the book though. Which is a pity as I would have found this book to be a 10/10 if he hadn't decided to add these parts to the book.