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The Sleep Room


8th February 2014

"The Sleep Room"
By: F.R. Tallis

This book was pretty good, the main things being it was well written & edited and an easy read. It was classified as a horror story, which is the main reason behind me getting it but I thought it was a lot closer to a psychological thriller or drama, rather than being an actual horror novel...

Well I was able to read the book very quickly and never thought the story was bad or boring in any way, I did find it very middle of the road and oddly uninteresting for reasons I can't explain. The story is mostly set in a hospital looking after psch patients in the early 1950s and follows a new doctor as he starts working there. Not a lot happens and very, very, very little "horror" based events happen. On a basic level it's a very easy, but completely forgettable read.

The ending doesn't add anything to the story and could be described as "lazy" rather than interesting given how often the ploy used in this book is used in other places – to the point that I considered it to be a clique rather than a genuine twist of any sort.