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The Yard


22th November 2015

"The Yard"
By: Alex Grecian

I did enjoy this book, especially after I got passed the weaker beginning as I found it improved over the last two thirds of the book. There are parts in the beginning where he has made it too “wordy”, in particular where the police are interviewing a man who makes furniture which goes on and on and on for far too long for what would have been needed and I ended up just skipping most of that bit as it was uninteresting to read. The majority of the book is a lot tighter than this fortunately though.

Apart from the weaker start, it is a good easy to read light book. I only had a problem with parts because I’ve already read or watched a number of books and TV series looking at police in the exact same (or close to) time period this book is set making them seem very formulate. In particular the idea that there is a Doctor that is helping the police is used a lot as the idea is based on a real person, (notably this is also used in both “Ripper Street” and “Copper” as well as this book). Plus other books looking at police during this time period seem to have the wife from a higher social standing/wealthy family who married down when she fell in love with a police officer.