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Uncharted Territory


2nd February 2013

"Uncharted Territory"
By: Connie Willis

Despite being radically different from most, (all?), of Connie Willis' other books it is extremely good. She has literally written a science fiction western story, with the main characters trying to officially chart a new planet for the company they work for, riding the native equivalent of horses and trying to deal with the low-tech natives, including their official guide.

This means that it is NOT one of her historical science fiction stories she has been writing a lot more of over the last few years. Another major change is that "Uncharted Territory" is very short as at 149 pages it's really novella length rather than a full blown novel.

It is very a good book, interesting and well done, despite the fact that I am 100% convinced that had decided to literally write a science fiction book that was clearly science fiction but was also for all intents and purposes a straight western story with people on "horse" back and cowboy hats... But she has updated the basic premise to allow for a more modern version, with problems with things like political correctness allowing the aliens, and their guide in particular, to take advantage of the more advanced humans. Don't let that put you off, as she has done a really good on the book and it a good, but short read.