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We Are Here: In the shadows. Everywhere.


6th August 2013

"We Are Here: In the shadows. Everywhere."
By: Michael Marshall

I’m going to start by saying that I thought was a really good and I manage to read it very quickly for me. It’s just incredibly hard to describe on a number of basic and near impossible to describe the plot in any way without spoiling the whole book. Also a word of warning, from the sounds of things people seem to either really like this book or hate it and there are complainants that it isn’t as good as his other books.

It is a really odd book and given that I thought is very light on plot which I can easily imagine being one of the reasons people don’t like it to some degree. I view this book as being a cross between a dark urban fantasy and a horror story. In fact it does read to me as it could easily be an outright horror and it might actually have more of a plot, certainly a lot more action, if it was a horror but that the author made a point of deciding to not write a horror novel making it a tad odd at times. Given what one of the characters, Reinhart, was trying to do and why it could have so easily been a standard blood & guts horror story it isn’t funny.

On a basic level I really liked, though I do think it helps this is the first book by Michael Marshall that I’ve ever read so I didn’t start with any preconceptions of what it was going to be like, combined with the fact that I like fantasy and horror books. At 397 pages it’s short enough and an easy enough read that the lack of plot until the very end and a vague plot that started it before mostly vanishing wasn’t a problem for me.