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Captain America: The First Avenger

23rd January 2014

"Captain America: The First Avenger"

This movie had a really interesting start, following Hugo Weaving's Nazi officer searching for magical relics to create super weapons for Hydra as much as following the creation of Captain America in the first place. With the Hydra based sections being a lot more interesting than the Captain America sections, though it was odd to see the actor who plays Captain America digitally altered to appear a lot shorter and thinner than he was in reality.

My interest in this movie waned as the Nazi's and hydra got less screen time and the story became a very bog standard action/adventure movie. It does go to show how Loki and the actor who plays him managed to make the Thor and Avengers movies a lot more interesting and watchable, as I do think that Hugo Weaving was the most interesting part of this movie.

It is watchable, but painfully forgettable with a disappointing let down in the second half of the movie. One interesting thing about the movie is the number of actors/actresses playing bit parts that I recognised from other movies/shows. For example the actress who plays Clara in Doctor Who had a small role as one of the two girls Captain America and his friend go on a double date with, and the actor who played Filch in the Harry Potter movies had a small role at the very start of the movie.

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