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21th November 2012



I am really pleased I got to see Looper in a movie theatre, not that it would lose anything by being seen on a TV set. More due to the fact that I'd wanted to see it for quite a long time and only managed to get see it as it was started to wind down being shown in movie theatres here. I can't recommend this movie more.

Like all time travel movies, it does have problems and plot holes, but these do not take anything away from the movie itself. (The only obvious plot hole I firmly agree with was the one I read on Reddit, asking they didn't just send the people they wanted to kill straight into the furnace young Joe dumps their bodies after he has killed them- found here).

One of my favourite theories about the way timelines work in the "Looper" universe also came from /r/FanTheories on Reddit - looper_theorythere_is_an_original_boring_prequel . This describes the timeline being shown in the movie as being the third one, which each major change creating a new one.

One thing I would like to point out is that one of the most important characters is a little boy, and the actor they got to play him is incredibly good. Finding a child actor who is capable of handling the role, (and having a director who can successfully direct a child is one of the sticking points of any movie with a child aged character as one of the key roles, as shown by "The Phantom Menace").

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