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Star Trek Into Darkness

19th May 2014

"Star Trek Into Darkness"

Star Trek Into Darkness

I'm going to start off by saying that I did enjoying this movie, quite a bit but... I was disappointed because it's really not a Star Trek movie at all - it's 100% an action movie that just happens to use the Star Trek Universe and characters as window dressing. To be blunt it's a mindless action movie and if you watch it expecting to see a Star Trek movie going to be disappointed.

It is a very good mindless action movie and enjoyable for that type of movie but not as a Star Trek movie unfortunately. The only science fiction bit about the movie that I did really like was the fact that the aliens on the plant at the very start of the movie and then the Klingons - who showed up very briefly later on - came across as being, well alien, as in not like us in anyway and not quite understandable from a human point of view. Which I thought was really well done and I actually really liked those two little bits from a general science fiction stand point.

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