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The Avengers

7th November 2013

"The Avengers"

The Avengers

I really enjoyed this movie - more than I thought would, as my interest in comics and their movie spin offs is somewhat limited. (I have been making a point of going to see the X-Men movies when they came out in the theatres and I really liked the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies, but that's about it up to now). The Avengers was essentially a very fast paced action movie, heavy on the science fiction/fantasy themes though of course and it didn't 'feel' as if it was almost two and a half hours long! Though I was pleased I ended watching it at home rather than at the movie theatre due to its length...

It is essentially the story about The Avengers being created as a team to fight Loki - who I think got more screen time than the individual Avengers in this case :) My only real complaint was that a lot of the story was about getting the Avengers together and talking them all into working as a team with a lot of chase then fight scenes involving Loki, making the plot rather light on the ground and forgettable. There was also a massive build up the end with Loki in New York, only to have Loki and his army surprisingly easily defeated which was a bit odd.

That said I did really enjoy and did think it was a really good action adventure movie, though a touch too forgettable.

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