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The Cabin in the Woods

9th November 2013

"The Cabin in the Woods"

The Cabin in the Woods The Cabin in the Woods

I ended up enjoying "The Cabin in the Woods" quite a bit, due to the really good ending and I do think it's a significantly better than average horror movie. It is let down by a slow and weak beginning, which isn't helped by the fact that they don't have the time in a one and a half hour movie to show how the personalities of at least 2 of the characters who go to the cabin change, which is an extremely important plot point. Rather having the time to show how they change, there are a couple of scenes were other characters talk about how their personalities are changing.

There are also similar events happening in other parts of the world and the fact that they fail is also critically important to the plot. Again, given the time constraints the movie really doesn't show much - I remember seeing a single photo form the event in Sweden and not being able to tell what I'm looking at. The Japanese event makes a lot more sense, as they show the school children actually beating the evil child ghost.

In a way I think the story line would be better as a miniseries or as a short, (say 12-13 episodes), TV series ala American Horror Story. Then they would have had the time to actually show the character development we are told is happening/has happened, they can show what is happening in the other countries to a greater extent and spend more time in the secret government installation looking at the other monsters/explaining where they come from/...

On a basic level I really enjoyed the movie and thought the idea behind it was great, but that it suffered a lot from not having enough screen time to properly explore the ideas, by telling and not showing and by skipping over a lot of things far too quickly.

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