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A Mortal Curiosity


17th July 2015

"A Mortal Curiosity"
By: Ann Granger

This is the second book in her Lizzie Martin and Ben Ross series. I had read the most recent (published in 2014 or 2015) book in the series previously, called The Testimony of the Hanged Man, I actually preferred “The Testimony of the Hanged Man” a lot more than I did “A Mortal Curiosity”, which I’m hoping means that the series is improving with each book, or at worst she finds her feet more with the characters in later books in the series.

That said this book is perfectly readably, but is a very light weight read and completely forgettable. It didn’t drag me into the story to the same extent that “The Testimony of the Hanged Man”, which is a great pity as I really liked “The Testimony of the Hanged Man”. Though I am hopeful that this series is improving with each book rather than getting worse like other series can.

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