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Dexter is Dead


18th April 2017

"Dexter is Dead"
By: Jeff Lindsay

I did really enjoy this, a lot more than I thought I would when I first started reading it as it does have a very slow beginning and an obvious massive spoiler of what happens to Dexter in the title! After getting the slow start where Dexter is in prison for false murder charges, it does pick up and the entire book does manage to cover all the plot points surprisingly well given that it's told strictly from Dexter's point of view and once he dies at the very end there is enough to assume that Deb and the kids are fine at least.

In a way it would have been nice to have had a short epilogue confirming that Dexter was in fact dead and not unconscious, (though it does mean there is a chance that Dexter was just unconscious and Deb was able to get back to him in time I suppose), that Deb and the four kids did safely escape, what happened to Vince job wise, and why exactly the police department and the DA were framing Dexter for the murders committed by another character in the previous book, (Dexter's Final Cut).

That said, I did enjoy this book a lot and I did think it was a significantly better ended to the Dexter book series than the TV version had in season 8. Assuming he did actually die it does feel like a more suitable ending, including what happens to his daughter (Deb gets her) than what happened to Dexter and his son in the TV show.

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