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1st July 2014

By: James Herbert

This is one of his early books, about professional sceptic/ghost hunter David Ash, who goes to various haunting/etc and the vast majority of the time prove that the supernatural events are in fact more mundane... I read his later book about him - Ash - a while ago, which I actually preferred to Haunted.

While "Haunted" was well written and easy to read, I really don't think it's his best work and I liked some of his other books a lot more than I did this one. One of the main problems is that I found some of the main characters completely unlikable, (they were supposed to be unlikable), and I found that the plot twist relating to the haunting in this story as being too obvious and too simplistic handled.

I quite enjoyed it, in part because I really wanted to enjoy it more than I actually did :(