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Needful Things


5th May 2013

"Needful Things"
By: Stephen King

This is one of his stories set in Castle Rock and follows on almost directly on from "The Dark Half", (I know his novella "The Sun Dog" takes place between "The Dark Half" and "Needful Things"). This is actually rather good, as he very briefly mentions what happens to the main characters that only appear in "The Dark Half" after the end of the book.

I did enjoy this quite a bit, though I do think it's one of his more forgettable books and is one of his standard airplane books in that it is very easy to read, very easy to fly through the 933 pages very quickly, but the story doesn't stay with you.

The basic premise is a strange man opens a new shop in Castle Rock and starts selling people items they have always wanted for a tiny amount of money and if they play a trick on someone else. Of course there is a sting in the tale of these deals, even when the tricks seem to be perfectly harmless and things soon get out of control.