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Saints of New York


12th February 2017

"Saints of New York"
By: R.J. Ellory

I got this book because I wanted something different to read and I'd already read one of his other books - Carnival of Shadows, which I'd liked enough to try this one as well. "Carnival of Shadows" and "Saints of New York" are both detective books, with "Saints of New York" being the simple straight forward detective story following a New York police office investigating the rape and murder of teenage girls who were associated with Child Services at the time or just before their deaths.

It was perfectly readable and a nice break from the other books I have been reading. The only parts of the book I actively disliked where the sections where the main character was talking to his therapist, which got annoying/old quickly to me to the point that they felt as if they were padding the story out a bit too much.

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